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Why the AssureSleep home sleep study?

Not all sleep tests are created equal. The table below illustrates how the AssureSleep test compares to a popular, bare-bones testing option.

A better test
AssureSleep’s FDA-approved test sensor could not be more simple to use or less intrusive to wear. Being able to take the test a second night at no additional cost can provide the board-certified sleep physician diagnosing your results with twice the data to evaluate your condition.

A better consultation
Two minutes may be suffecient to check a box on a prescription form but it’s not enough time to really understand your symptoms, explain a condition, answer questions and share the full range of options for treatment. Sleep apnea is a serious health condition that often requires life-long treatment. Investing 20 minutes for a proper consultation is the best investment you can make if you’re serious about getting a better night's sleep.

A better outcome
Choosing the test that’s easier to use, with up to twice the available data in combination with a genuine, in-depth consultation makes AssureSleep the gold standard in home sleep testing. Take the first step by ordering your test today.

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