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Test at home in your own bed.

Multi-night test ensures accuracy.

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Everything you need to be tested, diagnosed and receive prescription for CPAP therapy (if indicated by test results) for only $349.

Includes everything. No additional steps or expense required.

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✓ One finger ✓ Two nights ✓ No wires

The easiest sleep test on earth.

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Revolutionary, FDA-approved testing technology. Single sensor on one finger won’t interfere with your natural sleep.

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COVID-safe, disposable test device. Nothing to return.

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Results interpreted by a board-certified sleep physician.

Affordable cash price includes everything you need to get diagnosed.

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The easiest sleep test on earth

Take your test and receive your diagnosis—all from the comfort of home in four easy steps:

Step 1 - Purchase

The $349 price includes the test device, shipping, pre-study telemedicine consult with a sleep specialist, two nights of testing, physician interpretation of your sleep test, and if appropriate, prescription for CPAP or other therapy.

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Step 2 - The App

When the test kit arrives, download the free NightOwl Companion smartphone app in the Apple AppStore or Google Play (Android). Open the app, enter the code we provide and some basic information about yourself.

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Step 3 - Bedtime

At bedtime, open the app and press “Start a night” The simple instructional video will show you how to attach the NightOwl sensor to your finger. You’re ready to go to sleep.

Step 4 - Results

The NightOwl Companion app will automatically upload your test results to a private and secure cloud platform. A board-certified sleep physician will review your results and provide a prescription for therapy (CPAP) if appropriate.


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Why our home sleep study?

Sleep apnea is a serious health condition that often requires life-long treatment. That’s why it’s important to not cut corners with testing, diagnosis or the range of therapies considered for treatment. Not all sleep tests are created equal. Learn how the AssureSleep test compares to a popular, bare-bones testing option here.

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Why AssureSleep...

We’ve helped over 30,000 people successfully diagnose sleep apnea and related conditions so they could go on to achieve peaceful, restorative sleep.

Sleep testing used to be expensive, complicated and time consuming. We launched AssureSleep to change all that. Now, for a low cash price and after just a couple nights of testing in their own bed, patients can consult with a sleep specialist to determine if they have a sleep impairment and receive a prescription for the best treatment (if needed).

A telemedicine consult, testing in your own bed, no need to even return the testing device—what could be more simple?

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Hear What Others are Saying...

Taynya P, – Minnesota

“Thank you so much for sending my CPAP supplies by mail. That was a wonderful surprise and much easier than picking them up. Excellent customer service!! Keep up the great work!”

– Daniel, Blaine MN

“The steps you gave me worked to get the tubing to fit the new mask. Thank you for your help.”

– Rodney, Saint Augusta, MN

“Thank you so much for your help and understanding. I truly appreciate your patience and help communicating my compliance report information to my doctors. Now you know why I am such a big fan”

- Rick, Shoreview MN

“You did a wonderful job setting me up on a CPAP! It has been working great. I had a face mask fit close to 100% and my AHI was consistently under 5.”